Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Javon Ringer Should Take Over for Chris Johnson, But He Won't

You heard it here first.  Mike Munchak is saying all the wrong things and he is lying through his teeth.  He says that Johnson's teammates are behind him (which, if you think about it is a problem for a running back, wouldn't you want them in front of you?).

But really, Munchak needs to hand the reigns over to Javon Ringer, who looks better, runs better, and is a better teammate.  Ringer's main problem?  He isn't raking in the big dollars, so he's not going to get a fair shake.

My last dollar says that management of the Titans is telling Munchak to keep Johnson in there because they just dropped a big wad of cash on him and they need to justify their (poor) decision.

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